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  • 49-51 East Road
    N1 6AH London
  • 02072508240
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Action Duchenne

Our charity has a simple vision that encompasses everything we do: a world where lives are no longer limited by Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Our key values that address those limits:

  • funding research to identify and advance potential therapeutic strategies for everybody living with Duchenne, and support clinical trials and the staff and infrastructure required to bring trials to the UK.
  • campaigning for the NHS to provide their patients with the earliest possible access to medicines that have been approved for the treatment of Duchenne.
  • striving to create an inclusive society where everybody is equal, where disability is accepted and is no longer a barrier in accessing transport and other facilities. 
  • building a community for all those affected by Duchenne - to bring people together to share their experiences and to raise the profile of the condition. 

Action Duchenne in summary

Conference location

  • up to 1000 people


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